Relationship Repair

Repairing relationships starts by doing your own inner work.

"Relationships are work, but love is a gift"

Anne Hathaway

Getting to the truth of you

We often underestimate how a shift in how you engage with yourself can lead to phenomenal shifts in your relationships. Doing the work starts with addressing your life’s primary relationship, the one you have with you. 

You’ll have the space to reflect on how you show up in relationships. Take a closer look at the beliefs you have about yourself and the ways you’ve subconsciously learned to protect yourself as a result of past traumatic experiences.

See where your protectors arise to interfere with the relationships you want to have. You can dig as deep as you need to go to heal wounds. By doing the work, you can build the inner resources that let you feel confident and worthy of the kind of intimacy you want. 

You’re ready to do the work when you’ve noticed a pattern of trading your boundaries for connection. You’d like to break the cycle, but you’re not sure where to start. What you do know is that painful events in the past are keeping you stuck in a rut, and you know you need to heal the hurt to move forward confidently in your relationships. 

Doing the work, means giving yourself a chance to heal. You’ll come away with the tools to have a real connected relationship with yourself and those you invite into your life.

What to expect

Healing relational trauma

Tools for a connected relationship

Safety to be vulnerable

Doing the work is a path to knowing the true you, so you can have the genuine relationships you desire. Now is the time to do the personal work that results in lasting change and more love.

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"Nothing will work unless you do."

Maya Angelou