Ready for the Real

Your love life has taken a lot of twists and turns. As for the fairytale, well ... but now you have a lot stories, to learn, grow and heal from. Now you know more about what you want, and what you don't want.
Now you're ready for a real relationship.

Get a roadmap to having the authentic relationship you want

What is Ready for the Real?

Led by relationship therapist Minagrace Drake, LMFT, Ready for the Real is a six-week group experience designed to help you become an emotionally healthy contributor to the kind of love that lasts. 

You’ll be exploring research based ways to do relationships better, and applying those new tools to your life, so that you can establish authentic relationships that you’ve been longing for. 


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How it works

A group coaching experience of live online gatherings, with modules dropped weekly in our dedicated members platform.

Weekly deep dive

We'll dive into topics essential to modern relationships and learn the lessons we were never taught!

Test the theories

Use the practical assignments to apply the evidenced-based theories you're learning.

Love Manifesto

Along the way you'll create your love manifesto, to capture the wisdom you're gaining.

Connect with others

Learn and connect with a warm and welcoming group of supportive beings.

What We'll Cover Together

During our time together we'll dive into the following topics. These topics are carefully curated to equip you with evidence based concepts and actions that will strengthen your capacity to build lasting relationships

It’s hard to love anyone else before you love yourself. In the space of committed relationships, we can delight in being our truest selves around another. Letting yourself be seen can feel vulnerable, but that is when real intimacy begins. When we don’t address the parts of ourselves that stop us from being our most authentic Self, we rob our relationships of real intimacy.

In this module, you’ll learn how to work with the protective parts of you that block you from greater depths of intimacy.
Do you have a list of all the traits of your ideal partner? Run through it your mind for a moment. Have you ever wondered why those particular traits are on the list and not others?

In this module, we look at the science behind attraction and why what we say we want in a person can be different from those we tend to invite into our lives.
Close, intimate relationships open up access points to our pain as no other relationships do. Sometimes, the pain that can get activated can be so distracting that we lose sight of the person we found lovely. We say things that don’t communicate what we really need. We can lose sight of ourselves, and engage in unhelpful self-talk.

In this module, you learn how to speak for your pain instead of from your pain. And how to start developing a shared language so that your relationship can become a space that supports healing.
Setting boundaries is one of the most challenging aspects of life, yet many of us were not taught how. Being clear on your physical, sexual, and emotional boundaries will give you a good grounding for more healthy connections.

In this module, you have an opportunity to check-in, and ask yourself; What am I doing with the idea of boundaries? What was I taught about boundaries? And, and what has it cost me not to have boundaries?
Diving into discomfort and self-discovery needs to be met with nurture, which is why healthy relationships are safe havens for growth and healing. Creating that kind of space first requires self-compassion. As humans, we are compassionate by nature; at the same time, we can be so mean, particularly to ourselves.

In this module, you’ll reflect on ways you can stay comforted in self-compassion so that you have the reserves to show compassion to your partner when life brings challenges.
By this module, you will have the building blocks to transform your relationship into a nest of healing, growth, and love. You’ll pull your new skills and tools together to practice how you identify your needs and communicate them in healthy ways. And listen out for the needs of your partner.

In the Needs Met module, you’ll learn how to be attuned to the needs of your relationship.
Becoming an emotionally healthy being is learning to be with our feelings, but most of us choose resistance. We may have been taught to push feelings away, or certain feelings were allowed and others not. Being practiced at processing feelings is powerful because communication is so much more effective when we are in a less heightened emotional state.

In this module, you’ll learn to make feeling your feelings your superpower.
Do you find yourself constantly thinking about ways the relationship can go awry? Relationships can be riddled with anxiety over things that may or may not happen. Our goal is to practice being mindful to the present moment. When you can be mindful to the now, you can also be present to the relationship and experience the person in your life for who they are now.

In the Calm module, you’ll explore researched ways to reduce relationship anxieties.
If you believe in higher power by whatever name, can you trust that a force for good is guiding your relationship, helping you build resilience together? What would change if you offered your love to he source of love itself?

This module, gives you an opportunity to take a spiritual inventory of your beliefs.
In this module, you’ll pull together the new knowledge you’ve gained about the science behind healthy relationships and about yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to define what a real partnership means to you and create your love manifesto.

Create your Love Manifesto

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