Realtionship & Trauma Therapy with Minagrace Drake, LMFT

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You're amazing. You're successful, smart

You're amazing! You are a , smart, big-hearted, bright light.

You’re the responsible one, and it shows up in your work. The way you support your friends, your family, and the way you use your voice for your community. You hold it down, 

You’ve deprioritized the person who loves you most, you. You’ve made choices that don’t result in the relationships you really want. Or maybe you believe that love was just supposed to happen and that it would somehow ease its way into your super busy life. As time passes by, you’re wondering what the hold-up is, or if you’re even enough. Maybe you’re in a relationship that was supposed to be perfect and self-healing; you’ve learned that it’s not, and there’s work to be done.

Build healthy, happy relationships

You’ve likely inherited from society rules and myths about how to invite and keep relationships. Growing up, you absorbed lessons about love or the absence love. And more often than not, unresolved childhood trauma resurfaces and takes control of how we communicate, who we let into our hearts, and how we show up in vulnerable spaces, like a relationship.

I aim to help you uncover where past trauma shows up in your relationships and gets in the way of deeper connectivity, be it with friends, coworkers, relatives, or a romantic partner.

You’ll learn how to speak on behalf of your inner child instead of reacting out of its hurt. So that the adult you can enjoy the meaningful relationships you deserve.

You're amazing. You're successful, smart

Areas of Practice

The work is deep and evidence-based so the changes are noticeable, and at the same time it is client-centered so you stay behind the wheel of your healing journey.

I use a highly-effective therapeutic approach to help clients heal from

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